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Personal Liberty:
I will work to limit government regulations to allow for civic pride and individual growth in the community. We are naturally free individuals and need a government that protects, rather than hurts, these natural rights.

Job Creation:
A positive business environment is crucial to job stability and creation in our state. The government needs to get out of private business decisions, and allow the free market to continue its proven track record in job growth and stability.

It is extremely important that we as a government provide the best education possible for our children. This however, is not done through increases in administrative earnings; It is achieved through reducing administration and administrative earnings in schools and recycling that money back into the classrooms. 

Personal Tax and Property Tax decrease:
I do not stand for the taxation of one's personal income and property. It is unnecessary and only encourages the government to grow in size. It is because of this that I will work to reduce income and property tax. 

Government Accountability:
The government system needs greater accountability. Government decisions behind closed doors is a stab in the back to limited government. I will always explain the way I voted on every bill.

2nd Amendment

I will fight to keep our gun freedoms in line with the 2nd Amendment.  I am endorsed by the NRA with an A rating.

Criminal Justice Reform

I will never stand by the government's ability to unjustly seize one's personal property when it was never used for criminal activity. For this reason, I support tighter restrictions on civil asset forfeiture. Furthermore I fully support the decriminalization of marijuana and other such substances. 




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